Children's feet are NOT just "little" versions of adults feet!



  • Each adult foot contains 26 bones and 35 joints

  • The majority of children will begin to walk anywhere between 9 and 18 months of age.

  • At this age children have poor muscle tone & weak ligaments in their feet, both of which will improve naturally with time.

  • Like anything, learning to walk takes both time and practice.

  • As such it is important to allow your child to develop naturally, therefore until they have been walking for a couple of months they should be barefoot as much as possible.

  • Shoes should only be worn when required.

  • Once children reach school age, it is important to get their shoes fitted correctly, including both length and size.

Field Hockey in Action
Field Hockey in Action

basketball game
basketball game

Field Hockey in Action
Field Hockey in Action


Problems and abnormalities that need professional podiatric attention:

Wearing shoes out unevenly 


Flat feet after the age of 5 years


Heel / Achilles pain


Feet turning in/out


Ingrown toenails


Abnormally shaped toes


Stiffness in the foot


Complains of pain whilst walking