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Some of the common sporting injuries treated by the team at Step Foward Podiatry include:

--  Plantar fasciitis / Heel spurs

--  Ankle sprains and pain

--  Achilles pain

--  Shin splints

--  Arch pain

--  Flat feet

--  Big toe pain

--  Stress/acute fractures

Sports podiatry is a specialised area of podiatry focussing on diagnosing, preventing, treating and rehabilitating injuries related to sport.


At Step Forward Podiatry we have a passion for sport and a strong focus on treating a wide range of sporting related injuries. This enables us to understand that any injury preventing participation in such activities can be frustrating.


By using the latest assessment techniques we are well equipped to diagnose your injury. This enables us to work closely with our patients to develop a structured rehabilitation enabling a fast recovery and a return to sport.