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Children's Feet Fact Sheet

The team at Step Forward Podiatry see a variety of patients in the clinic, including many children. Children's feet are complex and not just mini versions of adults feet. Our podiatrists can help your child by providing an initial assessment and managing a vast array of conditions from ingrown nails to heel and arch pain. Treatment may include footwear advice, biomechanical assessment, hands-on treatment and health education. If something seems a little out of the ordinary about your child’s foot health, trust your instinct and book in appointment to see a podiatrist today.

Below we have compiled a Fact Sheet to help answer some of the frequent questions we get asked about Children's Feet:

> Ensure have your child’s feet measured for length and width, both right and left.

> When purchasing footwear for children ensure that there is a 1 cm (thumb width) space between the longest toe and the end of the shoe to allow for ‘growing room’.

> Sweaty feet is a common issue in young children so we advise, if possible, alternating shoes to allow them to dry out.

> Regular Inspection of footwear is recommended, keep an eye for unusual wear and seek professional advice if you are concerned.

> Avoid the use of slip on shoes for everyday use; our recommendations for daily footwear are those with a functional fixation - shoe laces, buckles or straps. These fixations enable you to adjust and comfortably secure your child’s foot in the shoe.

> Be aware that blisters may develop when wearing in new shoes.

> Inspect children’s feet regularly, if inflamed nails, pressure marks anywhere on the foot, hard skin or itchy rashes are observed seek professional advice immediately.

> Wash feet daily with a natural soap and water and dry well, particularly between the toes.

> Toenails should be inspected regularly and trimmed as required - When cutting, always follow the natural line of the nail, never cut down the side of nails or cut them too short.

> Ensure children wear fresh cotton or bamboo socks daily – this will reduce skin problems.

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