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My Podiatry Story


At least a few times a week my patients inquire as to why I decided to become a podiatrist. The typical question might be something like: “What made you want to become a podiatrist?” or “What made you want to look at feet all day?”

I admit they are not the most glamorous part of the body but this is my story of how I took the plunge into Podiatry.

"Taking the Plundge"

It all started when I was 5 years old with my mother on the hunt for my first pair or school shoes. Being meticulous as ever mum brought me to a specialist shop to get fitted by an expert. Upon taking off my shoes the assistant noticed something unusual about my feet and kindly recommended we see a podiatrist before purchasing a pair of shoes. I had always complained about foot and lower leg pains in the past however it was written off as growing pains or just being tired after activity. Mum thankfully took up that advice and after a few assessments we were educated that I had flat feet and required my first ever custom orthotics.

So from a young age I developed a great interest in lower limb conditions and how important it is to look after your feet. Once completing my high school studies I realized podiatry would be a perfect fit for me and undertook an undergraduate bachelor podiatry course.

After graduating from university in 2011 I began working within the private sector but was not satisfied as I required a greater challenge. That is when I found 2 like-minded colleagues, Roshan and Sheryline, and decided to create a unique podiatry practice focusing on the patient experience.

Initially operating out of a medical center in Epping, we have developed our brand and locations at Step Forward Podiatry to include clinics in both Thomastown and Seymour.

As a Podiatrist owned and managed business we are able to focus on high quality foot care and management of all foot related concerns.


"Passion for caring encourages significantly enhanced clinical and patient outcomes and empowers individuals in maximizing their mobility, function and independence.”

The team at Step Forward Podiatry aims to deliver the best possible service to the community. We offer each and every one of our patients the highest standard of care, using evidence based treatments in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.

So thank you to everyone who supported us from day one.

We look forward to a big bright future, stepping forward together.

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