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Battle of the breaks - CAM Walker VS Plaster Casting

Have you ever broken a bone in your foot or know someone who has?

If the answer is yes, chances are you're familiar with plaster casts and CAM (Controlled Ankle Movement’) walkers.

The use of CAM walkers, also referred to as moon boots or splints, has increased greatly in recent years as opposed to the use of plaster casting. But why?

Firstly it is important to note regardless of your injury both treatment options involve offloading the affected region, reducing pressure and hence promote healing. This is accomplished by a rocker sole that rocks the foot and ankle through rather than a pivot motion of the foot. They support the surrounding structures of the injured limb to help reduce pain and swelling.

Common injuries that require complete immobilisation via a Cam Walker/Boot include (but are not limited to) the following conditions:

- Non-Displaced Fractures

- Ankle Sprains

- Achilles Rupture or Tear

- Stress Fractures / Reactions

Comparison: CAM Walker VS Plaster Casting

As demonstrated in the tables above CAM Walkers are the more comfortable option when compared to plaster casting. CAM Walkers are the primary option for basic fractures and sprains however when it comes to severe fractures alternative options such as plaster casting is recommended.

The staff at Step Forward Podiatry understands how debilitating the slightest fracture can be therefore we aim to ensure our patients have the highest possible quality of life throughout the healing period.

The days of heavy plaster casts and crutches are gone - you now have options!

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that you seek professional assistance before using a Cam Walker. Along with assisting in fitting it is important to discuss how to avoid further injuries associated with wearing a Cam Walker as well as how to return to activity when transitioning out of the Walker.

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