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Ingrown Toenails

Ingrown Toenails may seem rather innocent and unthreatening, but this isn’t a condition that should just be ignored. Ingrown toenails occur when the edge of the nail begins to grow into the soft skin of the toe. It may initially be painful and irritating, but when left untreated, ingrown toenails can become infected. Once a bacterial infection sets redness, swelling, pain and even pus are often the result. Besides the pain and discomfort, further complications can arise from ingrown toenails therefore it is important to have them examined and treated by a podiatrist as soon as possible.

Causes of ingrown toenails

  • Genetics

  • Cutting your toenails incorrectly causing them to re-grow into the skin

  • Ill-fitting socks and shoes

  • Trauma like stubbing your toe and having a toe stepped on

  • Repeated trauma

  • Picking at or tearing toenails

  • Fungal infections and related nail problems

  • Being overweight, diabetic or having joint swelling


Prevention Ingrown toenails are very common, but they are also very preventable. Here are a few simple ways to prevent the occurrence of ingrown toenails:

  • Cut nails in a straight line and remember not to cut them extremely short

  • Wear proper fitting shoes that are not too tight or too loose

  • Wear comfortable well fitted socks

  • Protect your feet from trauma when possible

  • Keeping feet clean and dry to prevent infection


Treatment In many cases, people with uninfected ingrown toenails can obtain relief with the following simple regimen:

  • Soak the feet in warm salt water

  • Dry them thoroughly with a clean towel

  • Apply an antiseptic solution to the area

  • Bandage the toe

It is strongly recommended you always consult your podiatrist with any foot problems. A podiatrist can examine the affected toe and determine the best treatment for your condition. For an infection, an antibiotic may be prescribed. Other treatments may involve trimming or removing the infected nail with a minor in-office surgical procedure. Those with diabetes, nerve damage or poor circulation should always seek care immediately if an ingrown nail is detected, regardless of the severity.

If you think you have an ingrown toenail, visit our clinic today for quick and easy treatment.

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